Thursday, July 5, 2007

First Week's Adventures

It's been a week now, since I arrived in the Emerald City; five days since Ryan and Violet got here. They seem to be getting along REALLY well. I'm a little jealous, even though I think Violet's a pain in the butt. Anyhow, I've still got no job, I'm still living in the Mayflower Hotel, and I haven't found squat in the evil werewolf department. Bronus is here; I can smell his scent just beneath the surface, but it's always distant as if he's masking it somehow. And that's probably exactly what he's doing. I have no idea the extent of the abilities of a master werewolf, but given what he did to me in Chicago, I'd believe pretty much anything. It won't matter though. I WILL find him.

Before I go on, I want to just add that at best this blog will have a once a week posting schedule. It's a pain in the butt to type with my giant werewolf fingers and if I do it too often, It'll just piss me off, which could lead to me putting my fist through my laptop or worse, hurling it through a window.

Anyhow, Ryan returned to the precinct with me a few days ago. They didn't try to escort me out in cuffs this time, but they still laughed in our faces. Seattle just isn't ready for a werewolf cop I guess. Must have something to do with all the werewolf cattle poaching that happened back in the early days of the settlement. So we've got to find other jobs for now. I'm not sure how that will go or if it'll be possible to get in the door with the local cops as time goes on, but we'll keep trying. It won't matter if I can nail Bronus soon. I'll just go back to Boston.... although....

This town is kind of nice. The air is clean, the views are spectacular, and the people are friendly enough. Who knows, maybe it will grow on me.... Violet has insisted on dragging us to the sites, despite the urgency of my thirst for revenge. So far, we've seen the Pike Place Market; an interesting farmer's market type place that, unfortunately for me, has an overwhelming fish smell. Bronus could be standing behind me there and I wouldn't be able to smell him. We've also gone up in the Space Needle and taken the Underground tour. Great view from the Needle and interesting historical information on the Underground tour (

One final note. I got into some trouble and nearly got myself arrested. I mentioned the people are nice here, but what I left out was the fact that they can be too nice. Yesterday, I pulled up behind a car at a four way stop. After a few minutes, I realized that no one was going. So I naturally thought there was a problem. What I discovered after I started paying attention was that each car at the intersection was just sitting there motioning for someone else to go! Well, after another minute of that, I started honking, which only seemed to agitate them. So I started shouting things like;

"Move it!"


"Come on dumbass!"

That didn't go over too well. They just started shouting back and still, no one was going. Well, my temperature started rising and after another few minutes of this, I lost my cool. I drove forward and bumped the car in front of me. The shouting stopped, but instead of driving, the guy actually got out of his car, asked me if I was okay and then wanted to exchange insurance information! At the same time, one of the other drivers was dialing 911 on his cell phone....

An hour later, after getting a ticket and listening to a lecture from Johnny the wonder cop about how trash bags and coat hangers don't make a safe convertible top, I finally got through the God damned intersection.

This is a weird town....